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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


T20 Finals day, Saturday 17th August. 

My mate Alan had bought the tickets, arranged for a worst case scenario overnight stay in a hotel - the weather forecast was diabolical! - and was doing all the driving, leaving Taunton at 7.30 in the morning, and returning home well after midnight!

So I thought the least I could do would be to provide the food for the day.

Pizzas always keep well - roughly about a million times better than sandwiches! - and a well-filled bread pasty keeps all day and will hit the spot when required!

So, I set to the evening before and made a bread dough. I needed roughly 160g flour for each of the pizzas + 200g for the four pasties, so 500g of flour altogether.

500g strong white flour
1 teaspoon bouillon powder
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 doz sun-dried tomatoes, chopped small
290g lukewarm water
10g fresh yeast
50g oil from the sun-dried tomatoes

Mixed the dry ingredients, mixed the yeast liquid, added it to the flour, then mixed the dough together.

I kneaded it for 20 or so seconds, left it for a while, then repeated that several more times over the next hour.

Once I judged it was ready, I covered it again with the bowl and left it for a couple of hours until I was ready to bake.

I divided the dough roughly into 3 - making 2 pizzas and 4 pasties

I spent some of the time making a rich tomato sauce, then spread each pizza with a layer of Pateole mushroom pate, then the tomato sauce, then 3 chopped sun-dried tomatoes, slices of one tomato and a couple of mushrooms and a few olives:

The dough for each pizza base was about 300g
4 pasties with curried lentil and potato: 

The dough for the pasties was about 300g
I was a bit worried about the fragility of the pizzas and pasties - after all, they were to be transported in my rucksack - so I employed a couple of plastic chopping boards to provide a bit of rigidity.

I'm happy to report that these did the job, and the food survived intact! (Until consumed, of course!)

In the event, the rain did not materialise until late in the evening, and then only disrupted a small part of the T20 final.

"The cricket?" I hear you ask.

I'm happy to report that (in the absence of my original county - Lancashire, and my adopted home team - Somerset, both of whom were beaten in the quarter-final), un-fancied Northampton beat both Essex and Surrey in record-breaking style!

Over 900 runs were scored in the day, many records were broken and there was an abundance of thrilling cricket - with the right result. We couldn't have asked for more. 

Thanks, Al!

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