No bread is an island

...entire of itself. (With apologies to John Donne!)
I live and breathe breadmaking. I’m an evangelist who would like everyone to make his or her own bread. I want to demystify breadmaking and show it as the easy everyday craft that it is. To this end I endeavour to make my recipes as simple and as foolproof as I possibly can.

I call my blog 'No bread is an island' because every bread is connected to another bread. So a spicy fruit bun with a cross on top is a hot cross bun. This fruit dough will also make a fruit loaf - or Chelsea buns or a Swedish tea ring...
I'm also a vegan, so I have lots of vegan recipes on here - and I'm adding more all the time.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


I try not to eat fruit and veg out of season, but I do love tomatoes - so, in the summer, when they're very cheap and there's a gIut, I freeze them. The other day I bought half a kilo of pearl tomatoes for 50p which were deemed not for sale by the greengrocer - but they were ideal for freezing.

Simply slice the tomatoes, place them on baking parchment on a baking tray and stick them in the freezer for a little while.

Once frozen, prize them off the baking parchment and place them in a freezer bag.

They're not great for salads - but I don't have many salads in the winter anyway! :)

But they're ideal for topping pizzas and, of course, for fried tomatoes when making a vegan fry-up!

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