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...entire of itself. (With apologies to John Donne!)
I live and breathe breadmaking. I’m an evangelist who would like everyone to make his or her own bread. I want to demystify breadmaking and show it as the easy everyday craft that it is. To this end I endeavour to make my recipes as simple and as foolproof as I possibly can.

I call my blog 'No bread is an island' because every bread is connected to another bread. So a spicy fruit bun with a cross on top is a hot cross bun. This fruit dough will also make a fruit loaf - or Chelsea buns or a Swedish tea ring...
I'm also a vegan, so I have lots of vegan recipes on here - and I'm adding more all the time.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Gluten free, vegan chocolate cake

(This is a GF variation on a vegan chocolate cake I developed for a family get-together last year.)

165g Dove's gluten and wheat free self raising flour
25g cocoa powder
200g sugar
80g vegetable oil
250g water

Measure the dry ingredients, sifting the flour and the cocoa powder, then add the oil and water. Stir, initially with a dessertspoon, and then with a whisk, then pour into a prepared 20cm (8") cake tin.

Bake at 175C for 35-40 minutes.

Or: Use a micro-wave friendly cake form and microwave for 6-7 minutes (800W). Rises better!

Here's the original recipe.


  1. Hi PaulY, Can't wait to see the pictures. I love to try this recipe out.

    Haley McAdams
    Food Manager Certification Texas

  2. Hi Haley

    Thanks for your interest - lovely hearing from someone in Texas!

    I can't find the pic for the GF cake, ATM, but I'll make another one over the weekend and make sure I take a photo (before I eat it!). TBH, it doesn't look a lot different from the wheat ones I make. They're both gorgeous!

    Cheers, Paul