No bread is an island

...entire of itself. (With apologies to John Donne!)
I live and breathe breadmaking. I’m an evangelist who would like everyone to make his or her own bread. I want to demystify breadmaking and show it as the easy everyday craft that it is. To this end I endeavour to make my recipes as simple and as foolproof as I possibly can.

I call my blog 'No bread is an island' because every bread is connected to another bread. So a spicy fruit bun with a cross on top is a hot cross bun. This fruit dough will also make a fruit loaf - or Chelsea buns or a Swedish tea ring...
I'm also a vegan, so I have lots of vegan recipes on here - and I'm adding more all the time.

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  1. Hello Paul
    One of my readers has asked me for an egg less Plum cake recipe. I only make egg less mixed fruit cake, but thought you may have a recipe that you can direct me too, being vegan and all :-)!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I came across your blog via the 5:2 Fast Forum. I'm from Australia but live in the UK now. I started making my own bread in the last year or so and I wondered if you have heard of or tried adding chia seeds to your loaf? It was just starting to be used in Oz before I arrived here but haven't seen it at all in commercial breads here since I arrived. But since I started baking my own, I've been adding 25g of chia to my standard sandwich loaf, and it's wonderful. Healthy ALA Omega 3 content too!

    Cheers, all the best!

  3. Sorry, Katy, I rarely visit this post and I missed your comment! :(

    I haven't used chia seeds in bread - when I've seen them in the HFS they're very expensive. However, I do use flaxseeds quite a lot, which I love - and these are very cheap!

    But currently I'm adding 30g each toasted sunflower and sesame seeds to my bread.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Regards, Paul

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  5. Hi Paul, I attended your family learning session you did at Castle Cary primary last month .Today I made some bread at home Thanks for teaching us and letting us in to the secret of how simple it is and how satisfying .Will definitely be trying different twists on the basic recipe

  6. Hi Caroline - thanks for the feedback. Just seen your comment (amongst all the spam I get!). Lovely to hear from you - and happy (family) breadmaking!
    Love to hear how you progress! Paul

  7. Hello Paul
    Long time no see!
    I seem to remember that you had a recipe for a good gluten free bread. If yes, can you please point me towards it? A friend of mine, who has developed gluten allergy in the last 10 years, misses her bread. She has tried many bought ones, but doesn't like them. May be it is the gluten she misses ;)!

  8. Not new to bread making but new to sourdough, don't like the idea of throwing out starter (at least not all of it) however my bread of choice would be paratha which is flour/water bread stuffed with a filling then fried. Should I just subtract the amount I use from the total dough in the recipe it's roughly 3 to 1 flour to water ratio. So if I make a normal 3 cup flour batch and subout half a cup flour for starter that would otherwise be discarded would I be ok? The only tricky part is how much water I'll need. I might very well need the full amount. Using atta flour by the way which is on the thirsty side compared to reg. WW flour. Just wondering if u have experience with this. Could make/ eat paratha everyday.

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